Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Services

Joe Land Carpet Cleaning is confident in its ability to get the job done in the best fashion possible, while also offering competitive pricing. We provide professional, high-quality service for both residential & commercial carpet and furniture cleaning.


Joe's 40+ years in the business allow Joe Land Carpet Cleaning to bring vast amounts of knowledge and skill to every job. Simply put, we will do everything possible to make your carpets and furniture look the very best. Despite the size of the job, we're confident in our ability to get the job done in the best fashion possible, while offering competitive pricing.

Carpet Cleaning

All of us vacuum our carpets and spot treat them, but carpets can still get dirty and give off an odor over time if it does not get professionally cleaned. Joe Land Carpet Cleaning shampoos your carpet and deodorizes it with professional-grade cleaning agents.


Our carpet cleaning service does not take long, but it does need time to dry, so avoid walking on the carpet for a few hours after we professionally clean your carpet. When professionally cleaned on a regular basis, your carpet will feel clean, soft, fresh, and like new again.

Furniture Cleaning

It's important to regularly clean the fabric of your couches and other furniture to keep them looking nice, smelling fresh, and to get rid of allergens. Joe Land Carpet Cleaning vacuums and dusts your furniture and upholstery, and can also shampoo them for a deep and effective clean.


It does take a bit of time to dry, so try not to touch your furniture/upholstery for a couple hours after we've finished cleaning.

Church & Non-Profit Discounts

Joe Land Carpet Cleaning offers discounts to area churches. First Presbyterian Church as well as Memorial Drive Church- both of Tulsa, OK - are just two of the company's many clients throughout Green Country.

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Joe Land Carpet Cleaning was awarded the “Best Carpet Cleaner” award for the 2018.